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Brilliant Earth – Engagement Rings from a Company with a Mission for 2018

When you are looking for the perfect ring, it can be very difficult to find the right piece especially if you look deeper into the companies and what they stand for. When you are looking for a piece that is as significant as an engagement ring, making sure that you are working with an environmentally conscious company is really important and a company that has incredible values that we really love is Brilliant Earth. They are a USA based company that works mostly online but also has showrooms around the country and they are committed to being conflict free and using ethical practices when it comes to the way they source their materials. In this article we are going to talk a bit more about the mission of this company and why you should go for Brilliant Earth engagement rings, so make sure you keep on reading.

Apart from looking to create some incredible pieces that are beautiful to look at, the company is really passionate about making the jewelry industry more transparent and sustainable. Even with those values as a part of their mission, a big goal for them is to still keep providing you with quality that comes from the purest sources and using only practices that are completely socially responsible.

Another thing that we really love about this company is that making an impact is also a great part of their mission and they do that really well. They are very committed when it comes to the community around them and from where their pieces have been sourced and they make sure to give back to those communities. To help any communities that have suffered from any of those inhumane practices due to the jewelry business, Brilliant Earth has made sure to donate 5% of their profits. Apart from that, they aim to actually create a very long-term sustainable approach to the way that those communities develop and by buying Brilliant Earth engagement rings you are helping promote that mission further.

An amazing thing about this company is that they make sure that their clients are as informed as possible about their choices, because they know that an informed choice is the best one that anyone can make. Because of that Brilliant Earth works with certain nonprofit organizations in order to help provide you, the customer, with as much information about the industry as possible, while keeping the whole process comprehensive and objective. This means that every single time you purchase from this company you will be getting a certificate that has the complete origin of every piece that is on that ring and the company makes sure that you get this because they believe that as long as you see how and where you are buying from, you will take their mission and take it further and with that improve the jewelry business as a customer that refuses to purchase from unethical sources.

More than everything, this USA based company believes that responsible business practices that respect humans and the environment and treats them as their equals is key. Their biggest mission is to treat every single person that they work with with the utmost respect and that goes for the people that source and assemble the jewelry and also for any customer that comes into contact with https://www.pinterest.com/brilliantearth/

When a company has a mission as honest and pure as this one, it is hard not to support them. If you like the direction where this company is going and what they are trying to do and already doing for the world, then we definitely recommend you check out the website of this USA based company and get yourself some incredible Brilliant Earth engagement rings that are conflict free and ethically sourced.

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