//Why Conflict-Free Diamonds and Lab Diamond Jewelry are Better for Our Environment

Why Conflict-Free Diamonds and Lab Diamond Jewelry are Better for Our Environment

Before buying diamond jewelry read and discover why conflict-free diamonds and lab diamond jewelry are better for the environment!

For decades “blood diamonds” have been sold and traded to finance wars in Africa and all over the world. A lesser known effect of these diamonds is the catastrophic destruction of our ecosystem. These reasons are enough for you to consider buying conflict-free or lab-created diamonds.

Although eco-friendly diamonds are digged up under severe regulations, the diamonds mines outside the standards of the Kimberley Process don’t really abide by the same rules. The result of this mining is a catastrophic damage to the environment.
Unlike other forms of mining, the diamond mining uses water to extract these precious stones as opposed to chemicals. In order to complete the process, a large amount of water is required and since there is not much water in those areas, the miners are obligated to drain wells and springs, leaving the human population and the wildlife without fresh drinking water. However, this is not the only way serious diamond mining in these regions can cause damage to the environment. The mines, when left untouched can fill with chemically contaminated water that easily attracts mosquitoes, which means that these watery mines lead to the spread of diseases and dangerous water in already unsafe regions. The diseases have the power to sicken people, animals, and plant life.
Years and years of reckless mining for diamonds have destroyed wildlife and diverse plants in some African regions and seriously affected the quality of life.
There is a way to minimize the negative effects that blood diamond mining has on the ecosystem. A careful planning and heavy regulation are required. You can decide to purchase diamonds from areas in Africa that don’t produce blood or conflict diamonds such as Botswana and Namibia.

Conflict diamonds don’t only finance wars, but they also are destroying the ecosystem around the world. What can you do?

Before you buy a diamond, you can come up with a decision to do your part as a human being and put an end to the destruction and terror that conflict diamonds create. You can purchase conflict-free diamonds, ethical diamonds, eco-friendly diamonds or lab diamond jewelry. Brilliant Earth is a number one diamond retailer that sells conflict-free, ethical, and lab created diamonds. Visit their online store and take a look at the amazing jewelry collection they offer!

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